Summer English practise

The long summer holiday is approaching fast and we are all excited to get some well deserved time of school/work! However, the holidays present you with an excellent opportunity to practise your English in a relaxed and, hopefully, enjoyable way. IF you happen to go on holidays abroad, make sure to speak English as much as possible. Order food, ask for directions, talk to that nice English speaking boy/girl by the pool…

And if you, like myself, spend most or all of your time within the borders of our beautiful Sweden, you can still pratise your English in one or two of the following ways:

  • READ a book (in English of course). Ask the library for a good book to lend, or ask me! You can also buy some really good value paper back books in English from Adlibris and Bokus.
  • LISTEN to some nice music in English while relaxing at the beach or in the hammock. Think! What are the lyrics about?
  • And for the rainly days, get on the computer or the iPad, and visit the British Council’s webpage. Here you can practise all your English skills! For the younger pupils I recommend Learn English Kids and for the older pupils Learn English Teens. Browse the webpage, find what you need to practise (reading, writing, listening, grammar etc) and get started! If you do this a few hours every week, I can promise you’ll quickly notice your skills improving.

Have fun with it! Don’t feel like it is something that you NEED to do, but something that you WANT to do!



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