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Develop your descriptive writing

Here’s some tips on how to write descriptively. Develop your vocabulary, and challenge yourself to use other words than those you are most familiar with.

How to survive on a desert island

Here you’ll find some inspiration for chapter 3: Survival guide Also, watch the video below.

Desert Island

The students in class 8B are starting up a new project – Desert Island. For this project you will need a phone/ipad with which you can record shorter films and later e-mail them. I’ll check with you on Monday! You will also need to pick a partner whom you’ll work closely with during the project. […]

Teacher/student assessment

Your work will be assessed by both your teacher and a peer student. The answers to the questions belonging to each song will be assessed by your teacher only and will be based on how well you have developed the answers, and if your answers reflect the discussion that they are based on. the language […]