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Cyberbully and irregular verbs – 8B

During week 21 we will continue watching the movie Cyberbully. Once we’ve finished watching the film you will answer questions on the topic and hand in to me, no later than Wednesday 27th of May. You will have time to do this in class, but you find the questions below in case you want to […]

Spring Poems

This is a small selection of the spring poems written by the Year 5 pupils. They did a great job and all the poems were very enjoyable to read 🙂    

Glosor – åk 5

Hej alla femmor Hoppas att det fungerade bra med er vikarie i tisdags och att ni tyckte om det första avsnittet av Lockie Leonard. Förra veckan hann vi börja arbeta med texten Shadowslicer och vi kommer att fortsätta att arbeta med den även denna vecka. Vi kommer även att läsa upp våra Springpoems och se nästa avsnitt […]

New boy

Last week we learned about how Eminem got sued for naming his school bully in the song Brain Damage. We read an article on the subject and answered both shorter and longer questions. You got to practice both your reading and your writing skills. Some of you managed to complete the handout in class, but the […]