Cyberbully and irregular verbs – 8B

During week 21 we will continue watching the movie Cyberbully. Once we’ve finished watching the film you will answer questions on the topic and hand in to me, no later than Wednesday 27th of May. You will have time to do this in class, but you find the questions below in case you want to begin now.



Make sure to write complete answers to all the questions where you fully develop your thoughts and ideas. I do not want and ”yes, no, i don’t know” answers!

Start by writing a one page summary of the story where you also tell me about your opinion of the story. Continue by answering the questions.

  1.  What online rules do you make for yourself? These are not the rules that your parents/families have in place. If you don’t make rules for yourself, what kind of rules would you like to start?
  2. Why do you think people tend to share very private details about their life online? What information should stay private?
  3. Do you feel there is pressure to be someone you are not when on a social networking site? Have you ever enhanced your profi le (through Photoshop) or lied about something you did just to appear different?
  4. Online you can have a zillion “friends,” but what qualities do you look for in your offl ine friendships? What qualities matter most to you?
  5. How many times have you started a fi ght, issued an apology, broken up with someone, or asked someone out online? Why is it SO much easier to do these things online than off?
  6. Do you think schools should get more involved in helping to prevent cyberbullying? What has your school done about this issue?

We will also have time to continue our verb practice. If you would like to further practice irregular verbs, I recommend you to have a go at Webmagistern. Just click this link! On Monday you will also receive a list of 15 irregular verbs which you are to know by Monday 25th of May when you will be tested on them.

And remember, grammar can actually be fun!



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