Michael Collins – 9B

Under veckan kommer vi att se klart filmen Michael Collins. Jag hoppas att ni har tyckt om den och att ni nu har lärt er en hel del om Irlands historia 1840-1922.

När vi har sett klart filmen kommer vi att i mindre grupper diskutera filmen, och vi utgår då från följande samtalspunkter:

Group discussion – Michael Collins

Discuss the topics below within your group. Take brief notes of your conversation. Be prepared to discuss it in class. Remember, speak in English the whole time.

General discussion topics

  1. Does the director seem to suggest that Eamon de Valera had a hand in the assassination of Michael Collins?
  2.  From what the film has shown you about the man Michael Collins and the events of this time, why do you think he was assassinated?
  3.  The love triangle, Collins, Boland and Kitty can be called a sub-plot in the film. Is this an important part of the film?

The setting

  1.  How would you describe the atmosphere of the film? What effect does the atmosphere have in the film?
  2. What does the social setting tell us about the situation in Ireland at this time?


  1. One critic wrote the following about the actress playing Kitty Kiernan. “…played by Julia Roberts (yikes!)…”. What is the critic implying?
  2. How do you find the actor Liam Neeson in the role of the nationalist Michael Collins?



Michael Collins

Michael Collins


Vi kommer att avsluta veckan med att bekanta oss med den första texten om Irland i Good Stuff D – Ireland, on the edge of Europe.

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  1. När ska vi ha nästa nationella? (inte muntliga)

  2. När ska vi ha nästa nationella? (inte muntliga)

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