Instructions reading – 9B

 Reading log

 Write a log while reading your book.


  1. Read about 20 pages in your book and then pause. If your book has chapters, finish the chapter before you stop.
  2. Write a log starting with the date and the pages/chapters you will comment on.
  3. Make a brief summary of what has happened in the sequence you have read.
  4. Choose something you would like to comment on. It could be something that evokes a certain feeling (anger, surprise, sadness etc). It could also be something you wonder about.
  5. Choose a quote and explain why you chose it. For example you can quote something that is interesting, funny, exciting, confusing, frightening, important, surprising, sad etc.
  6. When your teacher asks you to, hand in your dairy and let your teacher comment on what you have written.
  7. At last, write a review of the book. Make sure to make your opinions as clear as possible. Your review can be kept simple.

You will also:  


  • While reading, write the words you find difficult in the back of your notebook.

Your finished book log will be handed in no later than the 8th of May 2015.

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